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Welcome to Couture Cuts Pet Salon specializing in 

Senior-aged pets and handicapped pets.
in your home.

What is house call grooming?  (at this time we are not offering this service)
House call grooming means that a professional groomer comes to your home and grooms your pet in the safety and comfort of its own home. Many mobile groomers set up a shop inside of a van or truck. Instead, I bring portable equipment into your home, garage or any area of your choosing. No need to worry about clean up either. I do my best to make it look like I was never there.  This Service is dedicated to the elderly pet that can no longer tolerate the stressful event of riding a long distance to the groomer and withstand the environment of what a grooming shop could be. We also open this house call grooming up to Handi-capped animals who have difficulties with getting into cars or dealing with the process of a typical groom at a grooming shop. We will also cater to any human that can prove the incapacity to make it to our location for there pet to be groomed. After all the pet deserves to be groomed.

What do I need to provide you?
All the groomer needs is a place to bathe your pet, a towel to dry them off, and a low traffic place to groom with outlets for clippers and dryer.

What are the benefits?
The benefits are reducing the stress for you and your pet.
Grooming your pet in their own home environment with you present is far more comfortable for both of you. You are welcome to observe the entire grooming process.

The same groomer will groom your furry friend at every visit. Building a trusting relationship with your groomer is essential for you and your pet to enjoy the full benefits of grooming.  As a sole proprietor, you will always have the same groomer for every visit.

Cages are not part of our grooms, because they increase risk of communicable diseases. Pets are groomed from start to finish so they will never be put in any kind of cage. Your pet will not be exposed to any other pets, and all grooming equipment is completely sanitized between each grooming nearly eliminating the risk of disease causing germs to be spread.